why preorder?

the simple answer is that offering pre-orders to you let us amplify and maximise the effects and impacts of everything we stand for:

    • reducing barrier of entry to high-value fashion owning:


      By operating outside of strict calendar of fashion weeks and seasons and giving you a choice to buy the collection directly rather than going through endless processes of convincing industry buyers and possible retailers that you will like the clothes – we just offer them straight to you and allow you to make this judgement. 

    • going against infinite production and disposability of garments:


      The majority of established brands in the fashion industry have seemingly endless supply chains of subcontractors of offshore plants all for the pursuit of profit margin maximisation regardless of costs. That can make them impossible to control or ensure any labour or quality requirements and a particularly dire example of such a situation was the Rana Plaza disaster


      • aseasonality – pursue timeless value instead of the hype garnered by trends:


        We create our garments to be worn for a decade or longer – not to be disposed of before the next season comes around.

      • reduce resource wastefulness and actual waste in production as much as possible:


        We can reduce production waste to the minimum as plenty of resources needed for a traditional fashion brand become redundant. As well as due to pre-orders we will know exactly how many and what models to produce – so the issue of deadstock disappears: both fabrics and clothing wise. So we have virtually none while the predicted waste and deadstock in the industry is around 50% of all resources used.


    • all garments are made ethically – no compromises possible on this:


      All people making the garments earn living wages, have great working conditions and labour practices – compromise on persons wellbeing for cost cutting or any other reason can never be acceptable.


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