societal contributions

 the unnormal effect does not end with deliveries or order transactions of our clothes

We can and do more to make positive changes and improve the well being of people around us.


  • One of the ways we are achieving it is at first by – ensuring that every garment created is more sustainable at every step of its life cycle. From the design – having longevity and upcycling in mind already.  Then production stages – using natural and mechanically fabrics and many more aspects. All to ensure the high quality so that everyone can enjoy unnormal clothes for many years to come

unnormal pattern

the unnormal convictions start from the initial sketches

Our clothes are designed to fit anyone, regardless of their gender expression


Flipping the fashion industry’s status quo of treating androgenicity or unisex as an uninspired afterthought or, at best, a fleeting trend.

  • Instead, truly celebrating gender queerness!

And after all, if clothes fit regardless of gender identity – it fits everyone – thus, pushing the world to be a more expressive and accepting place as a side effect.

unnormal pattern

the positive social impact is in the unnormal DNA

therefore a contribution to common social good through non-profit projects is

an essential and substantial part of our activity as a brand.


  • Therefore, we are committing a portion of our revenue (not just profits) to such projects.

Collaborating with charitable organisations at a grass root level that are actively working to address inequalities in the society.

Yet, their mission crucially aligns with the artistic ideas and concepts of the unnormal collection – Reckoning of Haphazard Genesis


unnormal pattern


  • Moreover, by building up the unnormal community we are continuing to amplify various different voices and, hopefully, contributing to helping, at least to some people, finding a place of belonging.



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